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UNC Students to Speak Out About Guilford College Racial Fight

Students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill want to show their support for some students who say they were victims of a hate crime at Guilford College.

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Some students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are speaking out against what they call a hate crime.

According to court documents, three Palestinian students, including one visiting from North Carolina State University, told police that they were attacked on Jan. 19 by members of the Guilford College football team. The students said they were called racial slurs and "terrorists."

Six football players are now charged with assault. Five of those players also face ethnic intimidation charges.

A vigil is planned on the UNC campus Friday. Students are expected to circulate a petition asking the adminstration at Guilford College to conduct a full and thorough investigation and acknowledge the incident as a hate crime.

Even though the incident happened at another college, some UNC students said the incident affects everyone.

"We cannot stand for tolerance only on our campus, but we have to stand for tolerance everywhere on all college campuses," said UNC freshman Haley Koch.

Police announced Thursday that they decided not to pursue their own charges in the incident. Prosecutors said they would likely wait for the college to complete the investigation before deciding how to proceed.


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