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Third Developer Interested In Proposed Site For Holly Springs Landfill, Mayor Says

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Dick Sears
RALEIGH, N.C. — Holly Springs' mayor made another attempt Monday to convince Wake County leaders that an area of land in his town is not best suited as a county landfill.

City and town managers all over Wake County agree a new landfill should be located off of U.S. Highway 55 in Holly Springs when the current landfill in North Raleigh closes in 2007.

Mayor Dick Sears went before county commissioners Monday armed with new information on why the proposed area of land is not best suited for a dump. He said a third developer is now interested in the 447-acre property, which was valued a year ago at about $17.5 million and is now worth an estimated $40 million.

Sears is trying to convince commissioners that a 25-year deal is too long and that other counties statewide are now trying to get out of lengthy landfill deals.

And despite county numbers showing significant savings of having an in-county landfill, Sears contends the county could save money by hauling trash out of county in the first 13 years of operation.

"The opportunity for the county and state far exceeds a dump with sales tax revenues, food tax revenues, etc.," Sears said.

Interest in the property, however, may not be enough to convince some county commissioners but Holly Springs residents and town leaders say they will continue to fight. Some commissioners say this planning has been going on for years and that it is very unlikely they will turn back now.

Sears plans to bring his argument to each municipality within Wake County, but Wake County commissioners make the ultimate decision. It is expected by December.


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