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Holly Springs Leaders Make Another Effort To Prevent Proposed Landfill

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Leaders in Holly Springs made a last-ditch effort Thursday to prevent a landfill from moving into the area.

City and town managers from across Wake County met to make a final recommendation on the county's next landfill site once the Northern Wake County landfill closes in 2007.

Despite years of opposition, officials already voted to put it off Highway 55 in Holly Springs, one of the fastest growing towns in North Carolina.

Holly Springs residents said they are not taking the vote lying down.

"We're going to keep going back and trying fight the fight until the decision is made," said Holly Springs Town Manager Carl Dean. "We're still in a position that we think there are higher and better uses than a landfill."

Town leaders claim a major developer wants to use the 400-acre land for a mall.

Wake County manager David Cooke agreed that a mall may look better, but said a landfill is the best option for the entire county and that county managers are unlikely to change their stand now.

"Our question would be is it really an either/or," Cooke said. "The demographics will drive whether a mall is built in that area, as opposed to it going on the location where a landfill might be."

Holly Springs officials still believes it is cheaper to haul the trash out of the county rather than to build and operate a landfill in town. Others, however, argue that a landfill in Holly Springs will save the county $200 million over 25 years.

At a special meeting next week, Holly Springs will try to convince county commissioners otherwise. Town and city managers will now take the recommendation to their individual boards for approval. The Wake County Board of Commissioners makes the ultimate decision.