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Witnesses: Suspect's Brother Taunted Victims At N.C. Tailgating Party

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Rob Harman
RALEIGH, N.C. — Witnesses in the trial of Timothy Johnson, on Wednesday, described Sept. 4, 2004, as a chaotic day that was fueled by alcohol and anger.

Prosecutors say that was the day they believe Timothy Johnson shot and killed Brett Harman and Kevin McCann at an N.C. State tailgating party.

Defense attorneys painted the victims as drunk and aggressive toward Johnson's younger brother, Tony Johnson. They say Tony Johnson antagonized the men and challenged them to a fight.

"Tony says, 'Bring it on,' getting closer to Brett, 'I got something for you. Come back here,'" said Aaron Meyer, who was a witness to the shooting.

Witnesses testified that the victims, Brett Harman and Kevin McCann, chased Tony, who taunted them with broken beer bottles.

They said Timothy Johnson then pulled out a gun and shot the men.

"I saw Brett being shot -- and my focus was on that weapon," Meyer said. "And the next thing I know about Kevin is when he has kind of moved in and he was shot."

"It was hard to listen to that someone murdered my brother and his best friend and didn't seem to upset about it," said Brett Harman's brother, Rob Harman.

Family and friends of the victims say being in the courtroom is a challenge, but that the greatest challenge will be hearing Johnson himself, take the witness stand.

"He has the opportunity to cry in front of people and beg for his life, whereas my brother and Kevin don't," Harman said.

The medical examiner also testified Wednesday, which was also difficult for family members to hear. They have an option to leave the courtroom when testimony might be graphic, but most of them have chosen to stay. They said it is important for them to hear every detail of the case, no matter how tough it is.

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