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Talent Scheme Red Flags

Posted July 29, 2005 4:08 a.m. EDT

— So, what do you need to watch out for when people or companies promise stardom?

Five on Your Side advises those looking for fame to watch out for talent scheme red flags:

  • You do need photographs. Models use a "composite card" that shows them with a variety of looks. Actors use headshots, but pay a photographer for them, not a talent agency.
  • As for auditions and interviews, when they turn into a high-pressure sales pitch for classes and/or pictures, leave. Often, those schemes range into the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.
  • Be suspicious if a company requires an up-front fee to serve as your agent. Reputable firms do not get paid until they get you work.
  • Scammers will say your money is refundable if you do not get work, but then word the contract so that no one qualifies for a refund.
  • Like with all contracts, before you sign, read it through with someone you trust.
  • Remember the standard advice: always check for references, as well as for complaints with the

    Attorney General

    and the

    Better Business Bureau