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Raleigh Gets High Marks For Downtown Parking Prices

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RALEIGH, N.C. — If you go into most parking decks in downtown Raleigh, you will find a place to park. Some people say the problem is the cost, but according to a new national survey, parking in the city is a bargain.

According to a recent national survey, the average monthly parking rate in a downtown deck is nearly $200. Raleigh, on the other hand, is way below that at $72.50 a month. Hourly rates are much less too. Raleigh is also cheaper compared to cities of similar size.

There are private, county and city garages downtown. City Manager Russell Allen said many of the city's decks are underutilized, so they do not raise prices very often. However, that may not last forever.

The city is getting ready to build a new underground parking deck at the site of the old convention center. The price per spot to build would be $25,000.

"Particularly as we bring new decks online as they begin debt service and operating costs come in that adds to the cost of the parking management fund. We need to slowly raise rates in our parking decks over the years," City Manager Russell Allen.

Mike Burger, who is originally from New York, said he knows he has it good in Raleigh. Still, he walks a few extra blocks to pay $55 a month instead of $80.

"Eighty dollars is steep because of the amount of lots here. There are a lot of choices," he said.

The city recently raised the price of street level parking fines from $6 to $25. Leaders hope it will help downtown workers realize it is cheaper to park in a deck than it is to get three parking tickets a month. It would also open more street level spaces for shoppers.


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