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Cary Dog Park Sparks More Debate Over Location

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CARY, N.C. — A proposed off-leash dog park is causing debate in Cary after the town recently changed the location when neighbors complained about the first site. Now, people who live near the new site say they do not want the park either.

Dog owners say their pets need to run free. Soon, they will get their chance on a one-acre piece of land near Godbold Park.

"I'm very glad it's finally happened," said dog owner Mark Boucher, who says dogs do not get enough exercise unless they are off their leashes.

Neighbors, however, say they are not happy because Godbold Park is not the right location for the park.

"We were concerned that we weren't informed beforehand, before the vote," said Dr. Ed Bailey, who lives near the proposed site. "They're going to have to cross the road to get here because there's not enough parking -- the noise and the lighting, the unattractive structure."

Several new neighborhoods back up the proposed dog park site, which will be fenced in, lit and controlled by key card access -- only dog owners who pay an annual membership fee will be able to use it.

More than 40 residents have signed a petition against the park and several spoke in front of the town council. But at this point, they say, they feel like the park, which is scheduled to open in October, may be a done deal.

Cary Recreation Manager Dwayne Jones admits the community was not notified, but has since talked to residents and believes the impact of the dog park will be minimal.

"I've visited five or six dog parks across the state and some of the other concerns that the citizens have raised, such as noise and smell -- we have not seen at the other locations," Jones said.


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