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Man Leaves Livestock Behind After Leaving Princeton Home

Posted January 31, 2007 5:24 p.m. EST

Neighbors fought for years to get Will Young to move his livestock from their Johnston County neighborhood. Now, they say he abandoned his home, leaving a big mess and some animals behind.

Young previously told WRAL he rescued the animals that have lived in his Princeton yard for the past few years. Neighbors said they saw Young pack up his family and move out last weekend. But neighbors said they were disturbed by what was left behind.

“I looked under the car here and saw a dead goat,” said neighbor Joan Worley.

Worley and other neighbors also noticed chickens, ducks and other birds still running around. When they heard a noise inside the home, they called animal control officials.

“We heard dogs in the house, and there (were) animals in the house,” Worley said.

“It’s sad to see,” said neighbor Roy Worley. “I couldn't believe they would leave and leave animals in the house.”

Trash was also found scattered throughout Young's yard, including the shell of a car that neighbors said he burned in his yard.

“I do hope there will be a resolution to this in the near future because it is an eyesore,” Joan Worley said.

Princeton town leaders said they recently learned Young was selling some of the farm animals from his property. That action violated a town ordinance, so a notice was sent to warn him to remove the animals or face legal action.

Animal control officials said they aren’t sure whether Young would return to the home. The first priority is to find a place for the animals to go, they said.

“If he's abandoned those animals he'll be charged with abandonment, just like he will be charged with abandonment for the fowl that are in his yard which he owns,” said Johnston County Animal Control director Ernie Wilkinson.

Young is scheduled to appear in court next month on charges of communicating threats to a neighbor who complained about the animals.