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Paving Problems Lead Wayne Man To Five On Your Side

Posted July 19, 2005 12:39 p.m. EDT

— Each summer, Five On Your Side hears about workers who claim to have a little extra asphalt offering to pave a driveway for a reasonable price, but the price suddenly skyrockets. The Wayne County Sheriff's Office alerted residents after receiving several complaints about a particular paver. One of the homeowners called Five On Your Side.

Sand and gravel can be tough to navigate especially if you are in a wheelchair, but J.D. Cormier thinks what he has now is worse.

"It bogs down when you go in sand and gravel," he said.

It started while Cormier's neighbor's driveway was being paved. The man hired to do the job offered to do Comier's driveway as well.

"He gave us his little spiel that he had some, he was doing a driveway down here. It was getting late and he had some of his asphalt left over and he wanted to know if we had any use for it -- would we be interested."

Cormier agreed to let Tommy's Paving of Plymouth cover his driveway with 3 inches of asphalt. The price originally quoted was $7,000 until Cormier said he negotiated it down to $3,000.

"He said it's a quarter after five. He said the banks close at 6 p.m. He said won't you have to go to the bank?" Cormier said.

Cormier got the cash, but later felt remorseful.

"Panic -- I didn't know what to do with myself," Cormier said. "I thought that was the worst mistake of my life. In fact I even started to cry, I hurt myself so bad."

When the work was done, Cormier found that the asphalt is uneven patched and now has grass and weeds growing through it.

Cormier said he got a runaround trying to reach the man who did the paving, so he called Five On Your Side. Five On Your Side also got a runaround talking to people who claimed to be a cousin, sister, father and a wife of Tommy but not Tommy. However, after calls from Five On Your Side, someone returned $2,500 in cash to Cormier.

Cormier said he has a message for anyone ever offered "extra asphalt!"

"Tell them to be on their way. Do not deal with them. Do not deal with them," he said.

Five On Your Side said that is good advice because many schemers prey on senior citizens who can feel pressured or intimidated to pay. A Goldsboro paving company assessed Cormier's paving job. One of the owners told Five On Your Side it was not done properly and would cost thousands of dollars to fix.