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Statewide AYP Results Released

Posted July 18, 2005 12:32 p.m. EDT

— Schools face tougher standards from the No Child Left Behind Act, a federal law that requires all students to perform at grade level by 2013. This year, the bar went up for math and reading scores. As a result, the number of schools statewide meeting the No Child Left Behind guidelines went down.

For a school to meet the federal standard for Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), it must meet 95 percent of its target goals. The same goes for every subgroup of students within the school, which include racial groups, low-income students and students with disabilities. If one subgroup does not make AYP, then the entire school does not make the grade.

For example in Wake County, 82 of 132 schools or 62 percent met all the target goals, which is down from 73 percent last year. Among Durham public schools, 10 out of 43 schools passed.

Schools that do not pass two years in row, must give parents the option of transferring children out of the school. Two Wake County schools -- Hodge Road Elementary and Lynn Road Elementary -- entered school improvement last year after not meeting AYP goals for a second consecutive year. The schools will continue in school improvement until they make AYP goals for two consecutive years.

Both schools are required under NCLB to offer their parents the option to transfer to another school for 2005-06.