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Roller Derby Makes Comeback In Triangle

Posted July 12, 2005 1:23 a.m. EDT

— Roller Derby is making a comeback in the Triangle, but this is not your parents' derby. With names like Faye Tality, Anne Archy, and Shirley Temper, the women mean business, and they have the bruises to prove it.

"Within society's boundaries, we're taught to be demure and feminine and we don't have an outlet to show our aggression," said Angel Jervis of the

Carolina Rollergirls


The basic principle of the game has not changed since the derby started back in the 1920s. Each team has four defensive players and a jammer. The jammer scores points by passing the other team. The other team will do just about anything to stop the jammer.

Rules include no tripping and no fighting, but make no mistake, it is a full-contact sport. The resurgence of roller derby is based on real hits and nothing is staged.

"We've had twisted knees, twisted ankles, sprained everything," said Leigh Salmon, of the Carolina Rollergirls.

Still, in just their first season, 37 women joined the Carolina Rollergirls. Now, they are looking to expand.

"It draws conservative people. It draws crazy, wild people," Salmon said.

Carolina Rollergirls is actively recruiting new players. Right now, they have two teams and want to expand to four. They also sent a representative to Chicago last weekend to work on forming a national league.