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Police: Thief Accused Of Robbing Tool Shed Disabled

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Kenneth Jeffreys
RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh man faces 18 charges in connection with break-ins of storage sheds in his neighbors' backyards.

Kenneth Jeffreys was charged in nine break-ins around the Raleigh neighborhood where he lives. While police say it is common for thieves to break into storage buildings, what is untypical, however, is that the suspect is in a wheelchair and has no legs.

"You wouldn't expect someone in a wheelchair to be a threat to your personal property," said Raleigh Police Lt. Norman Grodi.

But police said Jeffreys has no trouble getting around and that he is exceptionally strong and agile. At one shed that was robbed twice, police said the thief allegedly went through the door, and on a second break-in, he entered through the roof.

"On other occasions, he would leave his wheelchair and actually crawl on the ground and crawl underneath the house through an unsecured crawl space," Grodi said.

Investigators still do not know how Jeffreys could have carted off heavy equipment such as lawnmowers and tillers. They are looking into the possibility that the suspect had help committing the crimes.



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