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City Council To Vote On Housing For Historic Raleigh Carousels

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A plan to renovate two historic carousels in Raleigh may get more detailed after city leaders said they want to make sure what they fix stays looking like new.

Some of the animals on Raleigh's Pullen Park and Chavis Park carousels have been restored from their former chipped, cracked and worn conditions as part of a 2003 park bond.

Raleigh City Council members are now considering climate-controlled buildings for both sites. They think southern summers and icy winters could be contributing to their worn look.

On Tuesday, the council voted to begin looking into new housing. One option is a building where the sides could be open in mild weather and kept closed at times when the weather can wear on the carousel.

The city will begin negotiations with an architect. A cost estimate and decision on a building option is expected by spring.


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