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Man's Near Drowning A Reminder Water Can Be Dangerous, Officials Say

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falls lake near drowning
WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — Boaters rescued a man from drowning Sunday at Falls Lake in Wake County after the victim tried to swim beyond the roped area designated for swimming, park rangers said.

"He got about halfway out there and realized it was too far," Falls Lake Superintendent Scott Kershner said. "He started to panic. And luckily, some nearby boaters were able to get him and bring him back in."

Rangers said they hoped the near drowning would serve as a reminder that water can be dangerous.

"Stay within the swim line areas and note your limitations," Kershner said. "If you can't swim, please don't go in water beyond your knees."

Authorities said at least nine people have died in area lakes in the past two years.

That's a haunting statistic, rangers said.

There are no lifeguards at Falls Lake, so the park rangers try to keep people safe by patrolling the swimming areas, rangers said. On Sunday, four park rangers were keeping an eye on about a hundred swimmers.

But, rangers said, swimmers also must take steps to ensure their safety.

Rangers urge adults and children to wear lifejackets if they are not strong swimmers.

Parents also should keep a close eye on their children, and swimmers should adhere to the no alcohol policy.

"We all know water and alcohol do not mix," Kershner said. "A lot of times we end up having problems if there is drinking."

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