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Fayetteville Man Sues Former Green Beret Imprisoned In Afghanistan

Posted July 3, 2005 4:55 a.m. EDT

— A Fayetteville man has sued a former Green Beret who was imprisoned in Afghanistan after becoming the center of an Afghani abuse case last summer.

Bill Hagler said ex-Green Beret Jonathan Idema failed to pay him after winning a $650,000 settlement.

Hagler said he helped Idema win a suit against two of Idema's former property managers.

Idema claimed the property managers sold his business equipment while he was serving time in federal prison in the mid-90s.

Idema is now serving five years in an Afghanistan prison.

Afghan authorities arrested Idema on July 6, 2004, for running a makeshift prison where detainees may have been abused.