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Video Camera Captures Officer Kicking Robbery Suspect

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HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. — The Harnett County sheriff is standing by a deputy who, video shows, repeatedly kicked a suspect after a high-speed chase.

Officers said Craig Crowley tried to hold up a convenience store in Dunn. He sped off and then took officers on a high-speed chase along Highway 421, according to authorities.

At times, officers said Crowley topped 80 mph and drove into oncoming traffic.

The chase ended with Capt. Jeff Huber running over the hood of Crowley's car, opening the passenger-side door and kicking Crowley a total of four times before officers dragged him into custody.

Sheriff Larry Rollins said Huber did not go too far in apprehending the suspect and used all the force necessary.

Rollins said the entire police video -- not just the last few moments -- and what led up to the point where Huber kicked the suspect makes his point clear.

"It doesn't look bad for law enforcement because there was nothing done wrong for us to look bad," Rollins said.

Rollins said Huber had no choice. He had to assume the suspect was armed and willing to run over officers who were approaching on foot.

"Had he accelerated that vehicle, that would have been a shooting situation and then you would have had officers in crossfires and everything else," Rollins said.

For officers, the chase brought back memories of last summer when a chase along the same stretch of road ended when two innocent bystanders were killed.

In this chase, officers said Crowley came to a stop after he spun out. Officers then swarmed his car.

"When he's in that vehicle, still a lot of things can go bad," Rollins said.

WRAL was told that the suspect did not suffer any severe injuries.

Prosecutors are not considering any charges at this point against Huber.

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