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Unattended Briefcase Leads To Amtrak Train Evacuation

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amtrak bomb threat southern pines
SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. — After a three-hour unexpected layoff in Southern Pines, a train is back on track.

On Thursday morning, authorities say an unattended briefcase was found on the train. As a precaution, passengers on the train were taken off the train and a bomb-sniffing dog was called out to investigate. The train was also moved nearly a half-mile away from the station.

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Authorities later found that the briefcase was left by mistake by a passenger. Three hours later, dozens of passengers were allowed to re-board the train.

"The unknown you still have to handle as an actual situation until you know otherwise," said Lt. Rodney Hardy, of the Southern Pines Police Department.

The northbound Silver Star train was traveling from Florida to New York.


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