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Ft. Bragg Soldiers Anxious To See Bush's Plans For Military

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FAYETTEVILLE — As President Bush orders a top-to-bottom review of the military,Fort Bragg soldiersare wondering how they will be affected.

Soldiers hope Bush will follow through on his promise to raise military salaries and improve housing.

"I think it's the best idea they've had in 10 years," said soldier Debra Williams. "We could all use the money."

Retired soldier Ralph Stanton comes from a long line of military men. As his son continues the tradition, Stanton hopes Bush's plans boost morale in the military.

"A lot of good soldiers are not staying in the Army because the pay is not high enough for them," he said.

Besides raises, military leaders say the Army has more immediate needs. Money to pay for rising fuel costs and better maintenance of aging aircraft would be good early solutions, they say.

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