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Alarm Clocks Give Tardy Students A Wake Up Call

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RALEIGH — The start of a school day is important, but many students get off on the wrong foot because they arrive late.A local PTA has found a simple solution to help give tardy students time to spare.

Last fall, when most students were hard atwork at Washington Gifted and Talented MagnetSchool, others were still in bed.

Counselor Jean Sculati discovered dozens of chronically late students did not have alarm clocks."They're very simple and easy to use for the kids," she says.

Swatch and Westclock donated dozens of clocks at the request of the PTA.Students with a financial need and a history of tardiness get the alarm clocks for free.

"We had one student who had [about] 27 tardiesbefore we gave him the clock. He's been tardyjust once or twice since the clock," says Sculati.

Studies show that students who are on time for schoolare the most successful. Now, more of the WashingtonWizards are getting the right head start.

The Wake Up program is a new venture forWestclock. The company is so pleased with theresponse, it plans to offer clocks to otherschools in Raleigh and Atlanta.

There is even the possibility of a nationwide program.

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