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Woman Leaves Unwanted House Guests Behind

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh woman who could not sleep or eat because of the high number of termites in her home found a new place to live Thursday.

Barbara Edwards, said there were so many termites at her former Pender Street home that she could not even live there.

Norman Stanley, Edwards' previous landlord, had the house exterminated, but it could have taken weeks for all the termites to die.

"Everyday, I'm sweeping out termites and it's getting to the point now that when I lie down, I don't know if I'll get up covered or not," Edwards had said.

Stanley had offered to let Edwards out of her lease, but Edwards said she could not afford to move at a moment's notice. She believed Stanley should help her financially to get a new place.

WRAL tried to talk to Stanley, who was a subject of an

2002 story

after a complaint about another of his properties. WRAL was able to reach Stanley's son, who helps run the business. He said, "she acts like we aren't doing anything and we did what we thought was appropriate."

After WRAL's involvement, Stanley said Edwards could move next to a place where she lives now, but she said being so close to her termite-infested place would give her the creeps.

City inspectors said they did not initiate a case against the landlord because he did have the house sprayed. According to Wake County tax records, Norman Stanley owns 158 properties. He rents most of them.

Edwards said Thursday that her new landlord is working with her to get all her deposits paid.



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