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Rescue Squad Asks For Technology To Help Respond Faster To Emergencies

Posted June 3, 2005 6:15 a.m. EDT

— The Clayton Area Rescue is asking the North Carolina Department of Transportation for the same technology that the city's fire department uses to help crews respond faster to emergencies.

Flashing strobes, issued by the DOT, send signals to traffic lights, causing them to change for emergency vehicles to safely pass through intersections.

The DOT said, however, that Clayton's rescue squad runs too many calls, which would be too disruptive to traffic flow.

"Contrary to popular belief, every person of the public does not see our lights and hear our sirens and they don't automatically stop even when they do recognize them," said Lt. Scott Long, of the Clayton Area Rescue.

"They're just as important as the fire department," said Clayton resident Crickett Carter, who has seen the rescue squad move through the busy intersection on many occasions. "They're still trying to help people, so I would think that they need to get one too, you know?"

The rescue squad hopes the DOT will reconsider issuing the strobes, which both fire and rescue squads in Durham and Cary also use.