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Fayetteville A City That Is Rebuilding, Survey Shows

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A recent survey shows people who live in Fayetteville and those who do not live there have a better impression of the city.

Economic developers hired a firm to survey people about their impressions of Fayetteville -- not just downtown, but citywide.

The results show marked improvement.

In 2000, residents and non-residents called the city unentertaining, run-down and dangerous.

Now, they believe Fayetteville is safer, has a better school system and more activities.

"Unless the people of Fayetteville really recognize what a wonderful place it is to live in, they are never going to be able to go out there and convince other people that it's a great place to live too," said Kristie Lozano of the Cumberland County Business Council.

The survey also shows that a lot of people categorize Fayetteville as a city that is rebuilding.

An area that still needs a lot of work, the survey shows, is jobs. A number of the people surveyed said that Fayetteville is not necessarily a great place to find employment.


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