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Military Considering Plan To Pay Airmen To Leave

Posted May 25, 2005 6:42 a.m. EDT

— While the U.S. Army is having problems meeting its recruiting goals, the Air Force wants to pay people to leave the military.

The Air Force is trying to cut 24,000 people by the end of September. Part of the reason is as technology gets better, fewer airmen are needed.

Under the plan, Airman First Class David Salgado could walk away with thousands of dollars.

"I would definitely consider that. I mean if they help us find jobs on the outside and help us through the transition, I'm sure that's a very good thing," he said.

Some argue the Air Force has a strong record of re-enlistments that may be too strong.

"People are re-enlisting at a rate that they just don't need these men and women," said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Robert Springer.

The Air Force even has a "blue" to "green" program, where airmen can earn extra money by switching from the Air Force to the Army. Congress still has to approve the plan. According to published reports, there's no formal bill on the table.