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Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Stealing TV Will Get Parole

Posted May 18, 2005 6:33 a.m. EDT

— He saw murderers and rapists get out of jail before he did, but Junior Allen finally got word that he will be paroled from prison after serving 33 years for stealing a TV.

Allen was sentenced to life in prison for stealing a TV from a Johnston County home.

Rich Rosen, Allen's attorney, said he does not have enough prior offenses to be considered an habitual offender. Plus, he has not been in any major trouble while in prison.

"There are some people that have done things so bad you have to keep them in for the rest of their lives. Junior Allen isn't one of those folks," he said.

Allen will be released in the next three weeks. He will join his family in Georgia. He will be 64 in June.