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Proposed Raleigh Budget Without Tax Increases

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh's city manager presented a budget proposal Tuesday without tax increases.

Raleigh's City Manager Russell Allen said an upturn in the economy is helping the city's finances.

"There's no question our situation has very much improved," Allen said.

One thing that has dramatically changed from a year ago is sales tax revenue. Allen said it is 9 percent higher than projected.

"Although it is a good source that will help, we have to be careful with it as a revenue source," Allen said.

The proposed $457 million budget also does not include a property tax increase.

Some fees, however, would increase under the proposed budget. For example, recycling pickup, which has increased from bi-weekly to weekly, would go from $1.30 each month to $2.60.

Water and sewer rates are also going up by 9 percent.

The proposed budget also includes a $60 million transportation bond referendum. If voters were to approve the bond referendum, residents would see a property tax hike in the future.

Some of the other points of the proposed Raleigh budget include $1 million in extra funds for rising fuel costs; a new anti-graffiti program to help with gangs; and pay raises as well as 112 new positions, including a new pothole patching crew, police officers; and four new code and zoning inspectors.

With an optimistic outlook, the mayor even asked Allen to consider getting rid of parking meters downtown

A public hearing is scheduled for June 7.


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