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Rumors Of Violence Put Person County Schools On Alert

Posted May 13, 2005 9:14 a.m. EDT

— Schools in Person County are on alert after troubling rumors about possible school violence Friday.

There have been two suicides involving high school students in the county in recent months. The rumor circulating schools has it that several students have formed a suicide pact, and that as part of the pact, one of the students has developed a hit list.

The rumor continues that the student is going to bring a gun to either Person High School or Northern Middle School on Friday.

The school system said it has been flooded with calls from concerned parents.

Person County authorities and school administrators have been assessing the situation all week.

They said Thursday that they do not believe there is any evidence, such as a hit list, to support the rumors, but that they are taking precautions.

Earlier in the week, additional officers were added at Person High School. More were scheduled to be at Person and Northern Middle School on Friday.