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Some Apex Residents Do Not Want Wal-Mart As Neighbor

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RALEIGH, N.C. — You may get a smile and a greeting when you go to Wal-Mart, but a proposal to build one in Apex is not getting quite the same reception.

Mark Meech was one of many neighbors who was told years ago that the land bordering his property would be used to build other homes. Now, developers are changing their minds and want to build a Wal-Mart along Highway 64 near N.C. 55 and Jenks Road.

"It's not fair right now because that's not what we were told in the very beginning," Meech said. "People who moved out in this area planned for this to be residential. Now, all of a sudden, it can come in and be commercial in a matter of months."

Apex town leaders said the move would meet too many hurdles to have a good chance of passing.

"The transportation plan would have to be amended. The land use plan would have to be amended. It would have to be re-zoned and annexed into the city limits," said Bruce Radford, Apex Town Manager.

Developers will likely present the proposal to the planning board in June.