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Cary To Consider Curbside Trash Collection, Higher Fees

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Backyard Trash Collection
CARY, N.C. — The Town of Cary is looking to kick garbage to the curb and raise the garbage collection fee.

As one of the last major cities with backyard collection, Cary will consider a proposal that cuts costs by phasing out backyard service for curbside service, a move that would eventually save approximately $1 million each year.

"It's a nice service, but we don't necessarily need it," Cary homeowner Marina McKenna said.

In some Cary neighborhoods, homeowners already bring their trash to the curb. Still, curbside pickup is not popular with everyone.

"I'd rather keep backyard (pickup)," said Cary resident John Kirchner. "It keeps the neighborhood looking nice."

The proposal, which is set to go to town council members in late May, also raises collection fees. It gives the council two options: raise fees and go to the curb, or raise fees even higher to keep backyard service.

The plan will include exceptions for people who live in town homes, the elderly and the disabled.

Cary residents currently pay about $7.50 each month for garbage service. Final numbers are not worked out yet, but some council members say the fee could double.


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