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Possible Birdnapping Reported In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Authorities are looking into a crime of a different feather.

Anna Anderson, who breeds birds in Fayetteville, said someone broke into her house and stole an African Grey parrot named C.J.

What makes the loss even worse is that C.J. was one of Anderson's best links to her late husband. When her husband died, C.J. started using his "catch" phrases and imitating his voice.

"For 10 months, the bird did not say a word until one day. I just couldn't believe it," Anderson said. "He said my name, Anna, in my husband's voice. You just have chills all over you, you know."

Anderson said the burglar left a door open, so there is a chance C.J. was not stolen, but flew away instead. Still, she suspects foul play because she also noticed a box of pet supplies missing.