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Raleigh Starts Issuing Fines For Residents' 'Abandoned' Trashcans

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The city of Raleigh started issuing fines on Monday to people who leave their trashcans on the curb for too long.

People who do not roll back their trashcan by sundown the day after their trash day is picked up could find a $50 fine in the mail.

More than 20 tickets were issued Monday.

"It's the means of last resort when you can't get people's attention," Assistant City Manager Dan Howe said. "The whole goal of this is to never issue a fine."

At least one city council member is concerned about the fines.

James West, who represents Southeast Raleigh, said he wants neighborhoods to look good, but worries the fines will affect those who can least afford them and who may not understand the policy.

Since the start of curbside pickup, the city has issued more than 1,300 warnings -- half of which have been in southwest Raleigh.

According to the city, the area around North Carolina State University has the worst trashcan record.

"For some reason, neither one of us went out and got (the trashcan)," said N.C. State student Kevin Barkley, who was cited for the violation. "(It) could be laziness, could be lack of mind -- I don't know."

Other colleges with similar problems also issue fines. The city of Gainesville, Fla., started a similar $50 fine and Texas A & M students pay $150 for leaving their trashcans curbside overnight.


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