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Families Seek Clues, Closure For Soldiers Listed MIA Decades Ago

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RALEIGH, N.C. — For William Graham, his brother's death is a 37-year-old mystery.

Dennis Graham disappeared in 1968 during the Vietnam conflict, and he is still listed as missing in action.

"He was on a mission in north Vietnam and didn't come back," William Graham said. "I would just like to know what happened."

That's what brought Graham and about 130 other people together on Saturday for a meeting with officials from the U.S. Department of Defense.

The meeting was part of a decades-long mission by the Defense Department to help bring closure to families of servicemen who have been listed as missing in action, dating back to the Second World War.

The department holds such meetings once a month throughout the country. This was the department's first visit to Raleigh.

During the meeting in Raleigh, Defense Department officials explained what the military is doing to find and identify the remains of soldiers.

William Graham said he attended Saturday's session because he wanted to learn more about how the military pieces clues together.

He said the military recently found his brother's co-pilot's helmet in a Vietnam museum.

He's hoping that discovery will help tell what happened to his brother.

Graham said knowing what happened may help heal some wounds.

"I had two brothers," he said. "Both died as a result of being in the military, and I miss them. So that part's hard."


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