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Wake Forest Leaders Say Bonds Would Help Town Grow With Population

Posted April 29, 2005 6:50 a.m. EDT

— Wake Forest residents will have a chance to vote on two bonds that will help keep traffic moving in the Triangle town.

On Tuesday, the Town will pitch a $ 7 million parks and recreation bond and a $9.5 million streets and sidewalk bond to voters.

Wake Forest leaders said population growth is a contributing factor to the worsening traffic problems. The town has been growing by about 10 percent each year.

"If we don't get the land acquisitions now, be able to get the infrastructure built now," Jan Ammons, a supporter of the bonds, said, "really we will have missed because it will be built on, the town will grow and we will have not grown with it."

Part of the road money would widen South Main Street.

While things move along in the middle of the day Mayor Vivian Jones said during rush hour it takes 15 minutes to go a few blocks.

"N.C. DOT doesn't have the money to build the roads that need to be done if we don't address it then we are going to get farther and farther behind," Jones said.

Right now, the mayor said there is no property tax increase tied to the bonds. She said though, that she did not want to make any promises. One could be possible if there is an unexpected downturn in the economy.

The Town is also looking to build new fields and new parks. Leaders said that this year alone, the towns' baseball program has grown by 15 percent.

In addition to parks, the Town is proposing to add new walking trails and an amphitheater at Joyner Park; to build a playground and athletic field at the future Heritage High School; and to extend North Side Loop from North Main Street to North White Street.