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Clean Water Bond Could Raise Apex, Cary Residents' Utility Bills

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Wastewater Treatment Facility Map
WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — Voters in Cary and Apex will vote Tuesday on a clean water bond that that would raise their utility bills.

Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and Morrisville plan to build a $193-million regional wastewater treatment facility. Cary and Apex want to pay for their share of the expense with bonds.

If the bond is approved, Apex residents will pay, by the year 2012, on average $12 more a month on their utility bill. Cary homeowners will pay $22 more a month.

Both towns warn the price could be even higher if the bonds are not approved.

"Other financing methods would be more expensive, so it's not a vote on 'Do we build the plant or not?' It's a vote on how we go about financing it," Cary Mayor Ernie McAlister said.

Cary, along with other western Wake County jurisdictions, must begin returning wastewater to the Cape Fear River basin by 2011. Cary will pay $110 million and Apex will pay $35 million.

"The days of towns and counties doing things on their own are gone," Apex Town Manager Bruce Radford said. "Regionalism is extremely important when there are going to be a million and a half people in Wake County in 20 years."

The new facility will allow the towns to discharge water back into the river basin they draw it from originally.

The towns say to meet the deadline they have to move quickly. Cary voters will also decide on a $10-million open space bond.

If early voting is any indication, turnout Tuesday is expected to be light.

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