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NCSU Pirate Captain Ready To Take Office

Posted April 15, 2005 7:10 a.m. EDT

— The North Carolina State student body president-elect is a pirate, but he does have a real name and plan for the university.

Whil Piavis' campaign as "The Pirate Captain" made quite a slash with students. On-campus voter turnout was up almost 10 percent. He said he wants to keep students interested in the politics of the university.

"We felt a giant squid had eaten part of our spirit, so we decided to find the squid and get our spirit back," Piavis said.

Opinions about Piavis' election aspirations were mixed among other N.C. State students.

"He added some fun to it. It's something different and new. It's very interesting," student Elizabeth Godbold said.

"Students here think student government is a joke, a mockery. This just further displays that," student Chris Rook said.

Outgoing student body president Tony Caravano said "The Pirate Captain" may have to overcome an image problem.

"The challenge for Whil is to let people know who he is under the costume," Caravano said.

Although, The Pirate Captain admits, he'll make exceptions for formal siorees. A Relief, no doubt for the University's Administration.

"The reaction to a person's leadership depends on how they carry out their leadership responsibilities," said Tom Stafford, vice-chancellor at North Carolina State University.

As president, the Pirate Captain wants to jump-start online ticket distribution for students. Also, he plans to push for more rides to the RBC center on Wolfpack game nights.