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Remembrance Mass Held To Pay Tribute To Pope

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Many people are mourning Pope John Paul II. Many set their alarms for 4 a.m., so they could watch the funeral in Vatican City before attending a remembrance Mass at Cardinal Gibbons High School.

"I could have taped it, but I wanted to feel like I was there with them, celebrating with them calling out to him," said former student Liz Yaros.

There were so many people for the service that it was held at the school gymnasium instead of the chapel. It was a Mass a lot of people wanted to attend.

"He's a very charismatic man. He's done unbelievable things for the world. I think he's remembered forever," assistant principal Mike Curatolo said. "I think, at some point in time, he will become a saint."

After Friday's service, no classes were held. The bishop of Raleigh has declared day a day of mourning for Catholic churches and Catholic schools.


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