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Wake School Board Approves Reassignment Plan

Posted April 6, 2005 7:08 a.m. EDT

— Despite scathing criticism from many parents, the Wake County School Board passed its plan to reassign several hundred elementary school students.

After several months of debate, the measure was passed with relative ease -- with 7 members voting for it and only one against it.

That vote now puts into motion a massive scattering of 2,300 students.

But, shuffling students under the plan is just one strategy the school district is using to handle overwhelming growth and rising costs.

A building program that would churn out 13 new schools through 2008 is now facing cost cuts in order to fit the economic reality in Wake County.

"We are trying to look at cost engineering programs that are out there now, not to short change the project but are there ways to cut costs within a project to bring the cost down," said Michael Evans of the Wake County Schools

The culprit say school officials: a competitive construction market.

With so much construction in Wake County, developers can pick and choose their projects and they aren't exactly waiting in line to build new schools.