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Victim's Brother Wants Justice In Deadly NCSU Tailgate Shooting

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Tony Johnson
RALEIGH, N.C. — When a Raleigh man stands trial this week for breaking into a home, one man will be watching the case closely.

Tony Johnson and his brother, Timothy, are charged with killing Brett Harman and Kevin McCann at an North Carolina State tailgating party in September.

"It was horrible. It was the worst thing you can imagine," said Rob Harman, Brett's brother.

Harman, who was also good friends with McCann, said their deaths stopped him in his tracks. He came to watch the trial to prepare himself emotionally to hear details of his brother's death during the murder trials.

"He was the best person I ever knew. I said it at the memorial service. I was lucky to be related to him," he said.

Harman said his brother and McCann were not the type of guys to pick fights or rough people up, but he believes the Johnsons are those kind of people.

"As you can see by this trial, the Johnson brothers are the scum of the earth," Harman said.

Harman said his brother was simply trying to defend a friend.

"There are a million and one ways to break up an argument or a fight rather than shooting someone in the neck at point-blank range," he said.

Harman hopes both men will spend their lives behind bars, but he said it will not heal his wounds.

"Like will I be happy when the Johnson brothers are wasting away in jail? No, I'd be happy if they hadn't gone to the game and brought a gun and killed my brother and his best friend," Harman said.

Tony Johnson will be tried on the murder charges in October.

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