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Fort Bragg Soldiers Say Someone Stole Their Two Dogs

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fort bragg soldiers dog, daisy and diesel
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A couple is howling mad in Fayetteville over a dog-snatcher.

Jeff and Tiffany Swafford, who are both soldiers in Fort Bragg, said someone broke into their home and stole their belongings, including their two dogs-both miniature pinschers that weigh seven pounds each.

"That's like trying to replace your child," Tiffany Swafford said.

The Swaffords were not home when they said someone broke in through the front door, walked through the living room and kitchen, and entered the garage, where the dogs-Dixie and Diesel-were snatched.

The dogs' food bowl mats and leashes were left behind.

"Seven days in the field, I come home," Jeff Swafford said. "My door's kicked in, my dogs are done, our house is just wrecked -- for no reason."

The Swaffords said a friend saw three young men driving away from their street in a hurry, with what appeared to be a miniature pinscher in the back window of the car.

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