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Interest In Sexual Offender Locations Overwhelms State Web Site

Posted March 23, 2005 2:38 a.m. EST

— Recent high interest in sexual offenses has crippled the

state's sex offender registry Web site

, officials say.

Residents in North Carolina who have been interested in finding out if sexual offenders are located near them have overwhelmed the site recently. The site is experiencing significant slowdowns and sometimes users are unable to get into the system.

The Web site is operated by an outside vendor, and the state contract has a maximum capacity of 275 people to use the site at any one time. For the first time in nearly a decade -- since the site was established -- the site has exceeded that number.

Officials said they believe the high interest in the site is because of the recent Florida child kidnapping and murder case and the media reports about how the public can check the registry.

The state is working with the vendor to increase the capacity to be an unlimited number of concurrent users.