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Computer Problem Leads To Release Of Wanted Man

Posted March 22, 2005 1:53 a.m. EST

— A computer problem at the City-County Bureau of Identification led to the release of man wanted in other parts of the country. The question now is whether the system needs a change.

When Raleigh police arrested a man Friday night on charges of possessing stolen property and obstructing an officer, he was listed as a "John Doe" because he refused to give his name and had no identification. Eventually, he gave the name of William Buchmann and the address of an apartment in north Raleigh.

At 3:20 a.m. Saturday, the City-County Bureau of Identification took fingerprints and checked the man's criminal record, but the fingerprints were not properly transmitted to the State Bureau of Investigation and the results were delayed.

In the meantime, the man appeared in front of a Wake County magistrate and was released on a $41,000 bond.

When asked whether the system needs to be changed, CCBI deputy director James Hardy said, "I think we have a good system in place right now. Sometimes, the system goes down, it's no fault of anyone. When it's working properly, it's a good system. It's the best thing we have."

As soon as CCBI got the information on the suspect's criminal background, officials there called the magistrate's office. But it was too late, the suspect was already gone.

The suspect did not show up for his court appearance Monday morning. Raleigh police are also investigating the same man in connection with a series of credit card fraud cases.