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Group Challenges State School Board Over Use Of Educational Waivers

Posted March 11, 2005 5:33 a.m. EST

— The fight over the new school calendar has moved from the General Assembly to the courts. Groups that pushed for the extended summer law are now pushing to get 21 high school waivers to start earlier than Aug. 25 revoked.

Attorney Bruce Thompson, who represents the group, said it only opposes waivers for high schools that have programs with community colleges. The list includes high schools in Edgecombe, Scotland and Nash counties.

"Their concern and the point of this litigation is that we think some school systems are trying to get around the law that passed last year," attorney Bruce Thompson said.

The superintendent of Nash-Rocky Mount schools told WRAL they need to start early because they provide transportation for students who also attend community college.

The plaintiffs in the case said other school systems in the same position are getting by without the waiver, so that is why they are challenging it.