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Greenshields' Absence May Hurt Businesses Near City Market

Posted March 11, 2005 10:48 a.m. EST

— City Market is constantly trying to improve its image to stimulate business, but its charm and history can be overshadowed by vagrants, crime and parking problems. Now, its largest tenant is gone and some are worried the void left behind will hurt the bottom line.

Last August, 16 years of hard work went up in smoke. A faulty motor started the fire that put

Greenshields Brewery

out of business.

Seven months without an insurance settlement or a customer was more than City Market's largest business could bear.

"We kind of thought he was going to open back up. I'm surprised," city employee Alex Gupton said. "I'm kind of shocked he's leaving."

"We were very surprised because we kept getting word that it would possibly be opening back up. Then, we heard there was a delay, so it's been back and forth," city employee Bryan Lennon said.

The only activity at Greenshields now involves tearing down and shipping out. The owner said he made his decision partly because of the fire, but also because he was losing valuable warehouse space.

Now, other businesses are waiting to see what's next for the 91 year old building, wondering if it is the final blow for a troubled market with a fragile economy.

"I don't believe that. I really hope that we're all working as a community, and that we're going to build and just be better. We're going to miss them though," said City Market employee Michelle Marlin.

"I think City Market will survive. It's just a matter of getting a bigger boost," Gupton said.

There is no word on what is going to replace Greenshields. The owner said he will re-open, but he does not know where or when.