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Former Jailer Believes Michelle Theer May Try To Manipulate Other Inmates

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Michelle Theer Mugshot
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Michelle Theer, who was convicted in a deadly love triangle, is with the regular prison population at a state prison in Raleigh, despite concerns she will try to manipulate other inmates.

Last year, Theer was sentenced to life for teaming up with her lover to kill her husband, Marty Theer. During the trial, prosecutors painted Michelle Theer as a master manipulator. That issue is coming up again even though she is behind bars.

Prison guards did not know how much mind power she would have over other inmates. They kept her in solitary confinement before finally moving her to the general population.

Dan Ford was Cumberland County's chief jailer while Theer was there awaiting trial.

"She was definitely a high-maintenance inmate," he said.

Ford believes Theer does control people. He said Theer persuaded inmates to flood the jail with complaints.

"The number of grievances that we were getting while she was in there -- it almost tripled," Ford said.

At one point, Ford asked the state to take her for six months.

"[I] didn't shed a tear when she left," he said.

These days, state prison officials said Theer is not causing problems or manipulating people. She is living among other inmates, dormitory-style, and working in the prison laundry.


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