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Wake School Board To Examine Revised Reassignment Plan

Posted March 1, 2005 6:10 a.m. EST

— School reassignment is on the agenda at the Wake County School Board.

School Board members meet Tuesday afternoon to consider a revised plan involving thousand of students.

This proposal differs from those in the past because it only involves elementary school students.

And while Wake County parents may have strong feelings about this issue, Tuesday's meeting will not include public comments on the reassignment proposal.

The board gets a copy of the proposal Tuesday and parents can weigh in on it in two weeks.

The reassignment proposal affects more than 2100 students.

Parental input from meetings last fall helped shaped the plan, which was prompted by steady population growth.

In the last two years, student enrollment in Wake County jumped by more than 9,500 students.

The school board will hold public hearings on the reassignment plan at Sanderson High School.

Parents can also write or e-mail comments to the administration. The board expects to vote on this in early April.