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Raleigh Police Focused On Making Arrest In Skeletal Bandit Cases

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skeleton masked atm robber
RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh police responded in full force when another ATM customer was robbed over the weekend. They believe it is the work of the skeleton-masked bandit, who is now connected to five armed robbberies of ATM customers. He may also be linked to an attempted theft at a drug store.

The latest incident happened at the State Employees Credit Union off Creedmoor Road. Investigators said that in each robbery the man wears a skeleton mask, uses a gun and demands money.

"The officers and detectives working on the case are focused on making an arrest as soon as possible," said Jim Sughrue, of the Raleigh Police Department. "We're pursuing it hard. We're developing leads on our own. We're getting leads from the public and following those."

The woman who was robbed at the ATM over the weekend said she went to the same ATM twice in one day. She said she would not have done anything differently. However, the robberies have prompted some people to change their ATM habits.

"It's very scary and I try to use the ATMs during the day and try to get done as much during the day, so I'm not out at night by myself," ATM customer Jory Regn said.

"I would only go in the daytime. I wouldn't go out in the evening at all. I don't know how badly I would need cash at midnight, but I don't think I would do that," ATM customer Judy Corbett said.

Police ask anyone with information to give them a call. They also urge ATM customers to use extra caution, especially at night.



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