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Some Businesses Face Diminishing Returns On Hillsborough Street

Posted February 25, 2005 5:24 a.m. EST

— A North Carolina State University and Hillsborough Street institution may not make it through the weekend. WRAL has learned Brothers Pizza could close without a last-minute rescue. For many businesses along Hillsborough Street, it is a constant battle.

Many Hillsborough Street hangouts have seen business drop off dramatically in recent years. Another Hillsborough fixture, Two Guys, is also on the market.

Some business owners blame parking problems, more students moving away from Hillsborough and a lack of help from the city.

Other merchants believe more upscale shops and restaurants will prevail.

"I think this area's on the upswing, but I think some of the old guard, unfortunately, are going to fall by the wayside," said Kevin Jennings, who owns a restaurant on Hillsborough Street.

A master plan to remake the Hillsborough Street corridor has been on the table for years. A representative for the neighborhood association told WRAL that the plan, which will cost millions, is still at least three to four years away from realization.