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Psychiatrist: Skeletal Bandit May Be Attention Seeker

Posted February 24, 2005 5:39 a.m. EST

— In recent days, a man in a skeleton mask has hit several ATMs and a drug store. His latest crime at a CVS store was caught on tape. Some believe the masked bandit may actually thrive on the attention.

Psychiatrist David Colvard said the suspect in the cases wants attention as he plays cat and mouse with police.

"Sort of like the little kid, 'Mommy, watch me, watch me.' They're very narcissistic frequently. They like the focus on themselves," he said. "They get a pleasure out of beating the system, trying to prove who's smarter, them or the authorities."

Investigators hope getting the survelliance tape out there will jog someone's memory and generate tips in this case.

Police say they have already received calls since the video first aired and are following up on possible leads.