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Goldsboro Leaders Say Rebuilding Theater Is 'Paramount' To City

Posted February 23, 2005 4:42 a.m. EST

— Flames gutted the historic Paramount Theater last weekend. Now, city leaders are working to make sure the fire was not its final act.

"It saddened my heart," said Michael Powell, who lives near the theater. "It was a travesty because it was one of our legacies."

"I was devastated, very devastated. It's very important to a lot of people around here," said Chris O'Quinn, who works near the theater.

City leaders said the show must go on.

"We are going to rebuild this building right where it is," Goldsboro Mayor Al King said.

Demolition crews are already taking walls apart by hand to try to save as much of the building as possible. King said he has been flooded with calls and letters from people who want to make sure it does not become a vacant lot.

"We don't want any more holes in our city," King said.

"To lose a part of our legacy like that, it takes away from Goldsboro," Powell said. "It should be built back."

One thing that has many people in the area concerned is that the Paramount Theater is actually the second historic downtown landmark to burn down in less than a year. In May 2004, fire destroyed the

Goldsboro Community Building


"We're now going to re-evaluate and take a look at all of our buildings and see what we can do to better protect them," King said.

The city hopes insurance money will cover most of the rebuilding project, but many people have already offered to pitch in. In the interim, Wayne Community College is sharing its stage.