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Wake School Board Approves DuBois Site

Posted February 22, 2005 4:31 a.m. EST

— The Wake County School Board Tuesday approved a lease for a controversial tract of land for a temporary modular school site even after the Wake County Commission rejected the idea.

On Monday, the county commission rejected funding a three-year lease for a modular school site for some Wakefield Elementary students as part of the school board's overall student reassignment plan. Students would attend classes at a temporary area while more permanent classes are built elsewhere.

But the school board voted 4-3 Tuesday afternoon to approve a two-year lease for the land, because they do not need approval from the county for such a lease.

Those voting to approve the lease were Beverley Clark, Bill Fletcher, Kathryn Watson-Quigg and Rosa Gill. Amy White, Carol Parker and Ron Margiotta voted against the lease.

Parents of students affected by the plan said they are concerned about a commute and crime in the proposed area, which is at the DuBois Center near Wake Forest.

It appears that the county commission will still need to approve some elements of the plan, however. The money involved to clear and prepare the site, estimated to be nearly $575,000, will likely need to be approved by the county commission.

The school board went into closed session Tuesday morning so they could discuss the two-year lease option and possible other locations with their attorney.

School administrators spoke to the school board earlier Tuesday to warn them that the DuBois site is the site most likely to be ready in time for students to attend. Three other sites might require too much permitting and bidding time, the administrators warned the board.

One proposed site is on Queensland Road. The school board originally said it was too expensive to develop, and too close to power lines. The other site is on Forest Pines Drive near Common Oaks Drive. It is also expensive to develop, and may not be ready on time.