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Moore County Could Soon See 'New Urban' Community

Posted February 21, 2005 4:15 a.m. EST

— Many areas are hard to tell apart. They have the same businesses and restaurants you find other places. Now, there is a push to build communities that have their own feel like they did years ago.

The style is called "New Urbanism." There are not that many examples in the United States, but one community is located at Little River Farm between Pinehurst and Carthage in Moore County, and people are already buying.

"You can walk everywhere. It's very pedestrian-friendly. It's user-friendly. It's low stress. Everything is right there," buyer Tom Stewart said.

"New Urban" communities, such as Seaside, Fla., where Jim Carrey's "The Truman Show" was filmed, have their own post offices, town centers and corner stores.

"We're really creating that feel and that warm feeling that you get from an older established community in new construction," developer Jess Dishner said.

The developer sold 32 condominiums so far. The company plans to build about 60 more condos and hundreds of houses, of which some may go for more than $1 million.

At least two other "New Urban" communities exist in the state. One is Southern Village near Chapel Hill. The other is not far from Charlotte.